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Lots of Ways to Get Involved.

St. Michael’s not only wants to involve you in Sunday worship, but also in our ministries for more intimate spiritual development.

Join us for- Bible Study programs, Men’s Group, Women’s Group, Youth Group, Outreach programs, Cursillo Ultreya and much more.

adlult education

Adult Ministry

Women’s Bible Study – 10:00 AM in the Fowler Room

• A study on Christian history by Dr. Tim Jones

Sunday Adult Study – 9:15 AM in the Fowler Room

• On the book of John

Cursillo Group – 7:00 PM in the Library

Want to learn more about adult education programs at St. Michael’s?

Contact our secretary: [email protected]

Want to learn more about Youth programs at St. Michael’s?

Contact our Youth Minister: Michael Vasiloff.


Youth Ministry

EYC is a faith-based youth group comprised of sixth through twelfth graders who learn about faith and stewardship in today’s society by developing leadership skills and building faith-based relationships with peers.

Our youth are able to enhance their learning through community outreach projects within the Tri-cities area, youth retreats and within the church.

Nursery & Sunday School

Children Ministry

Although infants and toddlers (infants to 3 years old) are more than welcome in church, we offer a loving and safe nursery at St. Michael’s available during the 10:30 am Worship Service. 

Children’s Sunday school is offered during the 10:30 am Worship Service. Children 4yrs and up join the procession as it makes its way down the center aisle. The children together with the St. Michael’s Youth Ministers proceed to the classroom. The children return to church during the passing of The Peace and are reunited with their families and friends.

Our children are precious to us at St. Michael’s!

For more information concerning the Nursery, please contact Kristi Renshaw.

For more information concerning the Children’s Sunday school, please contact Patti Christmas.

Plan Your Communion

Holy Communion

The tradition of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church is to welcome all to receive Holy Communion – no matter what age!

Parents should be responsible for determining how and when their child receives Holy Communion when offered.

The Holy Eucharist can be found on pp. 316-399 of the Book of Common Prayer.

Patti Christmas is always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your child and communion.

Everyone may receive the bread in their hands, eat the wafer, and then sip the wine from the chalice when it’s offered.  

Dip the Bread

You may also receive the bread in your hands and then dip the wafer (“intinction”) into the wine (taking care not to dip your fingers in the wine)

One in Kind

You may also take only the bread in your hands and then cross your arms over your chest when the chalice passes indicating you are not receiving the wine.

Just Blessings

You may also just cross your arms in front of your chest to receive a blessing. We invite all to join us at the altar during communion time – even if not receiving the bread or wine.


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