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1. Introduction

The purpose of this document is to establish the official church policy governing the use of the Parish Hall and other spaces of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church. This policy becomes effective and all previous policies become null and void when approved by the Vestry of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Colonial Heights, VA.

2. Intended Use

The use of the building spaces is intended to be primarily for functions of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church groups

The use by other religious, charitable, or those specifically sponsored by St. Michael’s, is permitted provided such use does not interfere with normal church functions.

It is intended that any use of these facilities shall be in keeping with the Episcopal Church traditions in reverence to God and respect for all people. St. Michael’s Episcopal Church does not intend for its property or facilities to be used by any groups or individuals for the promotion of political or social philosophy except as may be in keeping with the policies of The Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Southern Virginia. The Rector or the Vestry is authorized to refuse the request or cancel any activity if the activity does not conform to the intent and/or restrictions outlined in this policy.

3. Scheduling

The schedule of events by date – time – facility is maintained on the church calendar by the Parish Office. Until the event is entered on the calendar, the time is not reserved. This is the only official Church-wide schedule and will be kept as far in advance as is practical. It includes all routine and repetitive functions as well as special events.

In general, after St. Michael’s groups routine functions have been scheduled, requests by other groups will scheduled on a “first come – first served” basis.

4. Usage

Usage is restricted to religious, charitable or those specifically sponsored by St. Michael’s. The Rector is authorized to approve the use of facilities by other groups or individuals within the intent of these restrictions.

For other groups or individuals, the time, date or location may be pre-empted for a church function until thirty (30) days prior to the event; at that time, re reservation will be considered firm. In the event of pre-emption, an alternate scheduling will be offered at the time of notification, and if acceptable, will be placed on the schedule. (Exception: Weddings. They will be scheduled with priority by the Rector.)

5. Designation of Groups

A. All St. Michael’s groups and Church sponsored community activities (AA, Al-Anon, Power and Control Support Group)

B. Church members or occasional private, non-business, family related activities (example: family reunions)

C. Other groups, organizations and/or individuals, including the use for wedding receptions.


6. Charges

Parish Hall:

              Group A: No charge to St. Michael’s groups or church sponsored activities.

              Group B: No charge to Church members for family events

              Group C: $25.00 to other groups.

Kitchen: (other than brief use of the refrigerator)

            Group A: No charge

            Group B: $25.00

            Group C: $25.00

Nursery: The nursery is not available for use by any organization or group without the specific approval from the Rector and notification to the Nursery Supervisor.

7. Recurrent Use

Those organizations having recurrent use of the Parish Hall will sign a contract, renewable annually in September. The contract will include a statement of charges, if any. An acknowledgement of receipt of a copy of the guidelines and a designation of contact persons, with name, address, and phone number will be required. In addition, any organization having storage facilities provided by the Church must clean and organize them prior to the signing of the contract.

St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Colonial Heights, Virginia, does not assume responsibility for personal injury or loss of any kind suffered by users of its facilities.

There is no charge for the use of the Parish Hall or other space for activities relating to funerals or memorial services.

8. General Guidelines

1. Keys must be signed for and picked up not more than one business day prior to the event. The key is to be returned during the next business day. Please note that the charge for a

lost key is $10.00

[Note from Harriette: My workdays are Monday, Tuesday and Friday. I would say this needs to be changed to “not more than 3 days prior to the event” and “key may be left in the secretary’s mailbox after the event.”]

2. Once the building is unlocked, it is not to be left unattended.

3. Please note: The kitchen is NOT to be used without prior arrangement with the Parish Office./ The refrigerator may be used.

4. Please note anything broken, missing or in need of repair before your using the building.

5. All fees for building use are to be agreed upon before use and are payable in full when the key is returned to the Parish Office.

6. Dust and wet mops, as well as brooms are available for your use in the janitor’s closet.

7. Unless you are instructed otherwise, the tables, chairs and partitions should be replaced as they are following your activity.

8. Prior to leaving the building, please make certain that all trash is deposited in the trash cans in the kitchen, and that the plastic bags lining them are then  tied and removed to the outside cans in the   fenced area near the kitchen door. Please place new liners in the indoor cans. Sweep the floor and wipe up all spills.

9. All dishes and kitchen tools used should be washed and put away. The counters, cabinets, dishwasher should be wiped clean. If you used the refrigerator, please remove all of your food. Ice may be  left for the use of others.

10. All lights should be turned off as you leave. Remember to check any thermostats adjusted by your group.

11. Please be certain that all doors are locked.

12. If stacking chairs: Stack against the wall area only, not the partitions or windows. Have all the chairs in a stack face the same way to make the stack more stable.

13. The best rule to follow is to remember that each user of this facility is only a temporary occupant, and the building must be left ready for the next function. We are proud of our buildings, and we thank you for helping us care for them.

14. A detailed list of Kitchen Guidelines follows.

15. Wedding guidelines are available from the Parish Office.

16. If you have questions, please contact the Church Office: 526-1790.

Our Facility


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